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salts_of_the_beach_victoria_park salts_of_the_beach_victoria_park_2If you’re a local or commute down the Albany Highway strip occasionally you’ve probably had your eye caught by a sign saying ‘Salts of the Earth’, just opposite the Vic Park Hotel. The business has been at that location for nearly three years and for all that time I was kind of puzzled as to what it is. A trip down to Salts of the Earth would open most people’s eyes as to what kind of service they provide including helping condition those with respiratory, skin and allergy sensitive problems.

Salts of the Earth is owned and operated by Del a registered nurse that started up the practice and has been helping clients with emphysema, asthma, cystic fibrosis and bronchitis to name a few. Del’s client base isn’t limited to those with severe issues, those looking to avoid a cold, flu or even a spot of hayfever head down to Salts of the Earth.

The reason people are travelling across the metropolitan area due to their unique facilities. Essentially Salts of the Earth has three beautifully calm conditioning rooms – one for families, a large group room and one for those with contagious symptoms like colds or requires disability access. What’s different about the rooms if they are plastered top-to-bottom in natural salt, as is the floor which gives an almost warm beach aesthetic.

Once in the room clients will then have a 45 minute session in which a fine dust of natural salt it pushed through vents into the room. Depending on the severity of why you’d have a session would depend on the frequency of the visits – some clients for example have three sessions a week and work their way down to one maintenance visit a week.

The natural remedy of salt has been used in Eastern Europe for the last hundred plus years and is the underlining of the old English Doctors recommendation of “Go down to the seaside”. The power of salt isn’t limited to those with respiratory problems as it has helped many with skin irritation or those just after a healthier glow. Shannon an employee at Salts of the Earth discovered its healing ability out of desperation when Shannon’s daughter was suffering from severe eczema. After a frantic time of trying every lotion under the sun Shannon was recommended to use natural salt from a friend – it worked and now Shannon’s daughter has healed and some peace has come to their household.

If you know someone that might benefit from Salts on the Earth or would like to know more about the topic then give Del or Shannon a call or pop in – It’s great that a facility like this exists, let alone in our own town.


Salts of the Earth

Address – 592 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Phone – (08) 6161 7488

Email –

Website –

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